Dogecoin Cash.
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🐕 What is Dogecoin Cash? 🐕

Dogecoin Cash is the silver to the Dogecoin gold

Community Driven

Dogecoin Cash is powered by our amazing community. The coin is built upon their contributions and has fostered one of the most generous, engaging and supportive communities in the cryptospace. Come visit us at our telegram to see for yourself!

Designed to reward holders:

The contract of the coin has been designed so that of every transaction made, 5% is redistributed to holders of DCC. This means that you will be rewarded simply for having the coins sit in your wallet.


When you join the Dogecoin cash community, you can look forward to future developments as we take our place in the emerging DOGE cryptospace. You can expect to see an NFT marketplace and a launchpad for future DOGE related products.


We want our holders to have complete faith in their investment, so
we have invested in a third party to independently
audit our project
Check out the report here


Designed to reward holders


One BIllion (1,000,000,000)



10% Transaction Fee:

5% to Liquidity
5% Redistributed back to holders

💰 How to Buy DCC? 💰

If you have any issues working out how to buy DCC, come along to our telegram and we’ll be able to help you out 🙂


Follow these instructions from Binance to add the Binance smart chain to your wallet


Buy BNB and send it to your metamask wallet.


Visit Pancake Swap

You will need to set slippage to 12%. If this transaction fails try increasing the slippage.


Congratulations! You've joined the DCC community 🙂

🛣 Roadmap 🛣

Phase 1

✅ Launch token
✅Preliminary website
✅ Grow community
✅ Blockfolio, coinhunt listings
⚪ Grassroots marketing

Phase 2

✅ Professional web site
✅ Auditing
⚪ Influencers onboard
⚪ Coingecko listing
⚪ CoinMarketCap listing
⚪ Initial CEX listings

Phase 3

⚪ NFT marketplace release
⚪ Launchpad release
⚪ Marketing targets mainstream audiences
⚪ Further CEX listings

Phase 4

⚪ Mass adoption
⚪ Retail partnerships for transactional use
⚪ Maturation of NFT marketplace
⚪ Continued mainstream marketing

❓ FAQ ❓

What is the end-goal for this project?

Dogecoin Cash will be the silver to the Dogecoin gold, providing additional utility to our mission to develop a transactional use case. Our first major ambition is to be usable to purchase products from e-commerce giants Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Ali-express.

Dogecoin Cash is a yield-farming cryptocurrency which aims to incentivise investors to hold their tokens and receive a percentage of all transaction fees as a reward. This aims to create both a store of value token that provides an adjustable interest; which will grow in value as the token gains mainstream adoption, as well as implementation of transactional utility.

With the continual development of our project, alongside the impending mass adoption of cryptocurrency and Dogecoin, Dogecoin cash has the potential to sit alongside Dogecoin as the alternative store of value. The silver to dogecoin’s gold.

What use-case do you have planned for it?

Dogecoin cash will become an internationally recognized crypto currency. It will be the center of an NFT marketplace and a launchpad for the emerging DOGE cryptospace.

How fast do you think this project will gain mainstream momentum?

This project is beginning mainstream marketing, expect to see a large influx of new community members and holders.

What is your marketing strategy that you have planned and why?

We have a carefully planned marketing strategy that will aim to progressively engage wider audiences via various influencers, community events, real life advertisements and more.

What is the official token address?